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For the seventh exchange of Empowering Girls in December 2023, we had the pleasure to welcome #youngtalent Maya Dannenberg in conversation with WIL Fellow Krystelle Lochard, as a #rolemodel.

Krystelle started her career in Brussels as an EU policy analyst, before working with a small Berlin-based NGO focused on empowering children through sports. She joined Save the Children Germany in 2015, where she is now Head of Partnerships. Maya is 19 years old and also based in Berlin. Having graduated secondary school, she is aspiring to study Politics and International Relations, and pursue a career in international diplomacy, alongside maintaining her other interests from music to architecture. 

During their conversation, Krystelle advised Maya on how she can make confident decisions to enable her to have a positive social impact, whether that be in the public or private sector, and shared the importance of life-long learning. 

Here is what Maya told us after her exchange with Krystelle:

"Reflecting on my exchange with Krystelle and the wisdom she shared, I learned that every skill and interest shapes our approach to work. There is no need to stress about the job title; every role becomes an opportunity to make a positive impact."

Thank you Maya and Krystelle for sharing your passion with us!

You can watch a fragment of their interview here:

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