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Paola Brucker-Dhont


Government Relations and Policy Director France


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Government Relations and Policy Director France
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Paola has a Double Masters in French German law and LLM from Paris 1-Cologne, a Masters in European Business Law from Paris X Nanterre and is a graduate of the Ecole Nationale d'Administation (ENA). Paola then spent 6 years working in the French Ministry of Economy and the Foreign Trade department. Within government she specialised in trade policy and exports and worked extensively with the WTO, EU and OECD, as well as with French business.

She then discovered the business world by diving in for 5 years into the world of train engineering and
manufacturing at Alstom, where she was Public Affairs Director France and Export. At Alstom, a global
transport giant with 34,000 employees and revenues of over EUR 8 billion, she supported the business in GR and in winning contracts with public clients. All in all, as Paola says, ‘a solid foundation to
understand the workings of public entities and the French government from within and without’.

She describes herself as German by origin, European by education (in France as well as in Germany),
international by an unconditional love for food and the culture that goes with it, for learning and
mastering new skills. Paola lives in Paris with her husband, three kids and two cats.

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