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Diana Georgescu, 4P Consumer Lead - South East Europe, Lenovo

29 May 2019 17:18 | Deleted user

This month, WIL talks with our talent Diana Georgescu’s, 4P Consumer Lead for South East Europe, about what her current role entails and what the main differences are between consumers buying methods. Further discussions surrounding the changing hardware industry and Romania’s rapidly advanced Tech ecosystem are included. Additionally, Diana shares the practices put in place by Lenovo to ensure gender equality and provides an authentic answer to what she would most like to have as a talent! Want to know more? Read the interview bellow to find out!

You are currently 4P Consumer Lead for South East Europe at Lenovo. What does this role entail?

The 4P Consumer Lead role was designed from the Philip Kotler theory. This theory believes that the marketing purpose of elevating consumers well-being has to be put at the heart of company strategy and be practiced by all managers, therefore the product, price, place and promotion are all taken into consideration. In practice, this means analyzing market research, market pigmentation, planning in detail and much more! This role draws upon many aspects of the company to ensure that the product at hand satisfies the customer’s needs.

In our department we decide where, why, what and who we sell our products to; we are really at the center of the sales department! Personally, I am responsible for the consumer segment for all of South East Europe, this includes: the Adriatic countries, Greece and Cyprus. The biggest different between these countries is the customers willingness to buy. Customers from Romania are completely different to those in Greece, where the people are looking for lighter and more colorful products.

In our department we decide where, why, what and who we sell our products to; we are at the center of the sales department!

Having over 15 years of experience in the IT&C Hardware sector, what are the biggest changes you have seen the industry undergo?

There are huge differences! Around 10 years ago, there was a greater focus on the technical part of the product, meaning its components, configuration and so forth. Today, we are much more customer centric.

This constitutes a greater consideration for the design, feel, mobility and connectivity! Customers want a product which is light, has a long battery life and of course, strong internet connection. With the easy access to information, people are more informed about the product beforehand. Combine this with our growing digitalized world, displaying products online, with an exception of a few, is essential.

From the product perspective, the PC was the central priority. Now however, mobiles, tablets and then lastly PC’s are dominating the market. Evidently, there is a complete change of the hardware environment.

The Tech ecosystem in Romania has hugely accelerated over the last few years. What do you feel are the factors that account for this growth?

Romania has without a doubt moved quickly, from a country which was associated with the “East”, therefore far away from Technology and Innovation, to a country which is now a forerunner in the IT industry. The IT infrastructure paved the way for the rapid expansion of the Tech ecosystem in Romania. Coming from a country which had no Tech industry, it was easy to implement the newest technologies. This has enabled Romania to obtain the position as the 5th best country in the world for providing internet connection!

Other factors which account for its acceleration are the increased use of English throughout Romania and the mandatory computer license taught throughout schools. These skills have equipped Romanians with the necessary tools to adapt to the increasingly global and digitalized world!

Factors which account for Romania’s accelerated Tech Ecosystem is the increased use of English and the mandatory computer license taught throughout schools.

In your opinion, what are the reasons for Romania having a high number of women in the Tech industry?

When looking at Romania, we have a lot of female representatives within IT industry. This female work ethic stems from our history in which women have had to work throughout the ages, especially so after the war. Whilst growing up, my mother and father were always equal in their tasks. As we weren’t raised in an environment in which industries were either “male” and “female” orientated, we see a high number of females in Romania working for big Tech corporations. As a result of our history, the youth in Romania is drawn to the idea of working for corporations: they understand the financial benefits as well as the great working standards it can offer!

I wasn’t raised in an environment in which industries were either “male” or “female”!

Lenovo is a proud sponsor of our Women Talent Pool program (WTP) and Bloomberg has selected Lenovo for the 2019 Gender-Equality Index, indicating its ongoing commitment to inclusion and diversity. Can you give some examples of ways in which Lenovo has ensured the latter?

Lenovo is based on the values of respect and diversity. As a result, gender equality is at the very core of the company’s policies. As an example, we have an initiative called Lenovo women in leadership which acts as an umbrella in which all activities promoting gender equality are organized. I am the ambassador for South East Europe for WIL and can confirm that we have organized many local gatherings to ensure female leaders are given a platform to promote and inspire. These gatherings also allow younger talents within the company to learn from these leaders and to speak about their actions, developments and achievements.

Aside from this, we have a mentoring system in place in which young professionals within the company can pick either a male of female leader to learn from and to turn to for advice.

Gender equality is at the core of Lenovo’s policies!

You are a participant of the 4th edition of our Women Talent Pool Program (WTP). What has been your highlight so far and what have you learnt?

The WTP program has offered many new perspectives on working environments and career choices. The resources WIL Europe has provided, through workshops, events and discussions has motivated me to share my understanding of the topics surrounding gender diversity, inclusions and equality. I have met so many interesting individuals who have clarified what inclusion and diversity actually means, and ways in which we can establish this within our teams and beyond.

I have also developed a sense of duty in which I feel I need to share the information I have acquired, so that gender equity will prevail, and that unconscious bias will be no more. Therefore, I am now regularly volunteering at high schools and speaking at different events. I promote and share my career path and talk about my experiences and challenges. There comes a point in your personal and professional life that you need to start to give, that is why I want to inspire others with the knowledge I have accumulated throughout my life!

I joined the program not knowing what to expect, but as it now comes to an end, I am thankful for all that I have learnt and advocate this great opportunity to others!

There comes a point in your personal and professional life that you need to start to give.

You have ample experience in managing and leading a team. In your opinion, what makes a good leader?

A great leader is one that can inspire others, through their actions and personalities. So much so that the employees are encouraged to go beyond their usual role and try new methods and practices. A leader is not a manager! They differ in the sense that a leader brings out the best of an employee, whilst a manager is merely assigned by the company and doesn’t necessary possess these indispensable skills!

In a world were there is an abundance of choice, it takes courage to pick a certain direction. A solid leader will offer strength to individuals when they need to choose.

Personally, whatever actions I take I aim to inspire others through my behavior and motivation, this applies in both a professional and private environment!

A great leader is one that can inspire others, through their actions and personalities.

Lastly, we always finalise our interviews with a question from Proust’s questionnaire, therefore: Which talent would you most like to have? Why?

What a great question, this really took me out for my work mindset! When I am satisfied about my career and will make some more time for personal interests, I want to start woodwork!

The talent therefore that I would most like to get in one day is to be a skilled woodworker! I like using raw materials and being part of nature as it gives me a sense of peace and calm. I also grew up watching my grandfather making items out of wood and would therefore like to carry on this legacy.

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