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WTP Coaching Session: Career Hindrances and Boosters

10 Jan 2013 15:19 | Deleted user

On 10th January a group of ten WIL Emerging Leaders participated in a coaching session focused on crucial factors that impact women’s career progress and their willingness to enter higher-level positions.

This interactive half-day workshop was led by Stefania Maschio. The session's main objective was to help young leaders accelerate their professional and personal development through increasing their self-awareness, improving emotional regulation and strengthening self-confidence. The training itself consisted in a series of interactive exercises, group discussions and a presentation, which touched on a variety of issues related to choices and opportunities, expectations, risks and self-image.

Stefania Maschio, who orchestrated the session, is a former General Manager and member of Executive Committees in international companies. Before creating her own coaching firm, she followed Executive MBA studies and a Master’s program in coaching at INSEAD business school.

The coaching session was organized at Orange's premises in Paris, in cooperation with Isabelle Schaefer, Orange’s Director Gender Equality.

Below are small excerpts from the feedback that Emerging Leaders sent us after the session.

Racha Abu El Ata Microsoft, Global Account Manager

The more often we see each other in the Emerging Leaders group, the more I sense the value of such a network. The coaching session itself was very enriching. It allowed us to step back, to ask ourselves important questions and to better understand codes, expectations and the rules of play imposed by companies.

Blandine Avot, Orange, Competitive Intelligence Manager

Stefania Maschio addressed some issues that concern us all, and she did it in a very efficient and lively way. I feel that I now have a better framework for thought, which could help me project myself into the future. I will try to put into practice some of the principles we shared. Maybe they could become my 2013 resolutions.

Virginie Dominguez, Orange, Sales Director

Our coach managed to present in a very clear and pertinent way some major obstacles that women must confront to advance their career. It was important for us to exchange views and to realize that others deal with the same difficulties, which however are not insurmountable.

Cristina Hoffmann, Orange, Design Lead at Orange’s Design & User Experience division

The training was overall a great experience. What I liked the most were the exercises through which we got to know our fellow Emerging Leaders better. It was the first time we’ve had such an exchange, and I realized we were actually missing this kind of interaction during previous events. I also very much appreciated the fact that the content, instead of simply being presented to the participants, became an inspiration for a lively discussion.

Cristina Tejada Biarge, Orange, Roaming Wholesale Manager

It was an extremely revelatory session, and thanks to great interactions that Stefania facilitated we were able to get deeply into the subjects and seize the concepts discussed. I feel that this session will have a great impact on the way I look at my career and behavior in the business world.

Martina Weimert, Capgemini, Vice-President Financial Services

It was a great experience to learn about the dos and don’ts, which corresponded with many of my own challenges. Definitely, the barriers that limit our careers come from ourselves as much as from social constraints. It was very enriching to exchange ideas and share experiences with other participants.

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