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WIL Online Conference - The Future of Trade

27 Jul 2021 10:40 | Anonymous

‘International Trade and Globalisation in the Wake of the Sanitary Crisis: what impact and where do we go from here?’ with EVP Dombrovskis

On the 19th July 2021, we welcomed three speakers for a lively debate with our network on what the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been on international trade and globalisation and what the future holds:

  • Valdis DombrovskisExecutive Vice President of the European Commission for An Economy that Works for People and European Commissioner for Trade
  • Dorothée Coucharrière, Senior Advisor - Decarbonisation, Clean Energy, Smart Mobility at FIPRA
  • Thaima Samman, Partner at SAMMAN Law & Corporate Affairs and WIL Europe President

The event touched on a variety of topics, including the US-EU trade relationship, and the global trade agenda’s link to the green agenda and digital revolution. 

The event was followed by a 45-minute networking session. 


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