WIL Member Diana Wallis running for President of the European Parliament

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11 January 2012

As a European Network, we would like to draw your attention to an important upcoming European event: on 17th of January the MEPs will vote on who should be their president for the next 30 months.

Although WIL doesn’t take any political stance, we are always happy to publish news on our members and their activities.

One of the members of our network, Diana Wallis (currently Vice-President of the European Parliament), is running as an independent candidate for this position: “We are living in extraordinary times and we must raise and apply extraordinary solutions. My vision of the European Parliament Presidency does have a strategy: a strategy where all MEPs are able to contribute towards a better and positive Europe of all Europe's citizens.”, she said.

One of the issues Diana Wallis is especially dedicated to is campaigning and broadening awareness about the female disease called endometriosis affecting 1:10 women, the cause and cure of which remain unknown.

For a description of the elections and an on-line poll, please visit:

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